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Game Design Podcasts
In the past two weeks Maxis has, as usual, released their podcasts. The latest two are both about Game Design. Hunter Howe and Charles London answer questions from the community, like where they get their ideas from or what the funniest thing was that happened during the development of the game (including the funniest bugs). In the first podcast they also tell about the best object or interaction that may not yet be possible due to technical limitations, their own aspirations, community feecback and realism. The second podcast starts about when the designers, Charles and Hunter, decided to work into the games industry, and their paths to the Sims team. Then they answer if they play the Sims in their free time, if they download custom content, why llamas are so popular within Maxis, the biggest design challenge to date, Bella Goth, alternative jobs to game designing, and the cow plant. You can get the first and second Game Design podcasts from their pages, or check the RSS feed for the proper URLs. Alternatively, add the podcast to your iTunes.

Written at 14:56 on Sunday, 13 November 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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