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New Podcast
Maxis has released a second a podcast. Whereas the previous one was with Tim LeTourneau about the Sims 2 Nightlife, this time Scot Amos, senior Producer of the Sims 2 on Consoles, talks about the game. During the 10 minutes, he mentions what's new in the game that makes you buy the game, and how you can control your Sims. Naturally Aspiration and their wants and fears are discussed, which are slightly different from the PC version. The Story mode and Free mode are compared. There's no internet play this year, though there is split screen. The aging that's in the PC version has been taken out, as according to Scot, it's not really what console players expect. Nevertheless you can create Sims that may look like teens or elders, even though the game will consider them all to be the same. Finally Scot mentions a few of the new features, like the direct control and the social interactions in that mode, the fashion and food games. Although the newspost has disappeared from the Sims 2 site, the RSS feed still shows it. You can download the MP3 or you can add the podcast to iTunes. If you want more information, then check out the official site's podcast help page.

Written at 14:22 on Friday, 30 September 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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