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New Nightlife Reviews
A new Nightlife review has appeared, this time one that isn't quite positive about the expansion pack. As some other reviewers noted, Amped IGO says the game doesn't have anything that's substantially new and are only nice when they're still novelties. The $35 price tag in the US adds to that, as it's two-thirds of the price of the original game, while it has a lot less content than the base game. "Despite a reasonable selection of hotspots to visit with your Sims, though, the experience never differs considerably." Other negative points include framerate issues, the "iffy" AI and the "annoying camera". The cars and new aspiration can be considered a pro, but existing Sims being attracted to other Sims than their partner can be annoying according to Amped IGO. When it comes to the game's scores, the pack gets a 6 for Gameplay and "Tilt", a 7 for Visuals and Audio, and a mere 5 for Value. The average result is a 6, which so far is the lowest score Nightlife has received in online reviews. Read the review to see what else bothers them about the game.

A far more positive review is given by Houston Vehicles Online Devoted Gamers. Contrary to quite a few others, they call the changes "major", and it has a lot of thought put into it. All the new features are applauded, especially the dating aspect of the game. It's also very easy to pimp your ride, says HVODG, with the amount of paint jobs car come in. The driveways look gorgeous, and although the count is a little hard to find, becoming a vampire is well worth it. With a 5 out of 5 score, it's the most positive review so far too. All details can be read on the one-page review.

Written at 02:00 on Friday, 23 September 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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