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News about University/Nightlife Patch
Maxis is working hard on a patch for both University and Nightlife. The deadline for it is coming up soon and so the patch can probably be expected within a couple of weeks, if not sooner. MaxoidTom has been actively posting in a thread at More Awesome Than You, mentioning some of the issues that will be fixed with the upcoming patch. Stuck bills, amnesia for greeks (Sims losing many memories) and a diploma being reposessed by the repo man are some things that will be fixed. Below is a list of what will probably be fixed with the patch, but keep in mind that this information is not confirmed officially and may not be completely correct or incomplete.
  • Kicky bags can get stuck rendering them unusable (some other problems with kicky bags are fixed too).
  • If a Sim uses the remote control car while saving/loading, catalog icons may go missing (possible work-around available).
  • Sims go to a final exam, but a message pops up saying they missed it when they get home.
  • Townies may not have all necessary DNA traits internally, causing crashes when they give birth to a baby Sim
  • The car portal might go missing sometimes, corrupting lots and causing the "slow-down" bug generating many NPCs (see this thread for more info).
  • Several bugs with Nannies
  • Several bugs with the Headmaster
  • Playing a Handheld game can cause a crush
  • Sims don't get proper credit for selling a novel if someone else answers the phone
  • Purchasing a fountain doesn't satisfy corresponding want (the want will be removed in the patch, it was left in while it shouldn't).
  • Dormies become transparent if they enter their rooms and exit immediately and are unclickable for several Sim hours.
  • Facial expressions may not play while a Sim is on the phone.
  • Some problems might occur with large Neighborhoods (already fixed in Nightlife, may not fix all problems)
  • Sims might get stuck in rooms with diagonal doors, unless they're told to move out (playable Sims only). This is fixed in Nightlife already, it's unsure whether the University patch will fix this too.
  • The piano stops being fun after 24 hours.
  • Memory icons may be too large to fit in their boxes in the panel.
  • Some "Ask" interactions can trigger crushes: "What Are You Good At?", "What's Your Job?", "What's Your Sign?", "What's Your Turn On/Off?", "What's Your Wealth?"
  • Diplomas might not show up in the right Sim's inventory.
Again, this list might change from what the final patch will be like. The latest status update is that the patch is currently undergoing testing and will be released soon. There's no specific date for its release yet but naturally we'll keep you updated with news about the patch.

Written at 17:25 on Wednesday, 21 September 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 23:17 on Wednesday, 21 September 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
Some of these have been discussed previously in my Extras of the appropriate tutorial.

In fact these are the exact same articles I linked to a few months back, only on a different server, as I based that post on a certain thread - in fact it was this one.

Written at 01:04 on Monday, 17 April 2006 by heidi (girlofatwin)
hey yall

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