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SimDay - PodCast and Content Manager
Last Thursday the official site has received an update again, and besides the fansite kit they've posted two other things. The first is an update of the Content Manager. The updated version has been improved by suggestions from the community. After uninstalling the old version, you can download and install the new version from the Content Manager page.

Other than that there's a first 20-minute podcast. Host Dano talks to Tim LeTourneau about Nightlife. After a quick overview on the features, questions from members are answered. These include questions about living downtown, the dating game, realism and fiction, the smustle, social interactions, vampires, feeding Mrs. Crumplebottom to the cow plant, building, cars, and a lot more. Tim finishes off telling about a wedding between two vampires. You can get more info about podcasts, open the PodCast channel in iTunes, or get the MP3 from the newspost. Other programs might have to use the Podcast RSS feed to use it. Finally, Maxis has posted a new help page showing the compatibility between sims based on aspiration and zodiac sign. View it to find out if your Sims match.

Written at 01:12 on Monday, 19 September 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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