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Nightlife Release Info - Expansion 3 Announced in it
Nightlife is very close to its official release date, but in a few countries people are already receiving their copies. Some online shops (e.g. GameStop, reports SP Zone) have started shipping their copies, and besides that the game has already appeared in Brazil and Switzerland. Besides that, the Prima strategy guide has already been delivered to many people, who are revealing information about Nightlife on forums. All this has resulted in a lot of news, of which the biggest topic is probably that the third expansion pack will be all about Business.

Nightlife Guide Information:
If you're looking for Nightlife info from the guide, then this thread in the official BBS might be useful. In it, katenigma00 and other users have revealed quite a bit of information about the second expansion pack. The guide doesn't contain the complete original Sims 2 guide this time, but does have some charts from it in full color. About the game the users reveal that vampires will not age. Getting bitten by one requires a high relationship score, though having logic skills or being a knowledge sim will lower that requirement. Ignoring vampires is possible. Only as soon as you let one playable Sim be bitten, vampirism will spread through at most 10% of the townies automatically. Service NPCs will regenerate if they become vampires, as they cannot work during daytime. Vampires cannot starve or drown, and get special pictures from the photo booth.

Homes can be decorated with over 300 new floors and walls, and dates can end in a bad way. If that happens, you might want to expect a flaming bag of poo next to your door the day after. If you go to a restaurant during a date, knowing the host might help in getting a discount. If you don't have the money you can get it added to your bill at home later, or you can opt to skip paying the bill. You'll need to avoid the host for 45 seconds to succeed. In the latter case the relationship with the host won't drop - it will if you can't pay for the food.

New lot sizes are 3x1, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 5x2 and 5x6. These terrains can now be smoothened using a SimCity 4 like tool, which can make sharp edges look smoother without having to flatten it. Floors can also be placed on sloped tiles now. Houses from the lot bin can, like specialty lots in University, be placed as many times as you like, but only if they're unoccupied. Occupied houses can still be put down only once. There are also some other minor changes, like being able to place objects under arches, or duplicating fences using the eyedropper.

Finally, the following is said by katenigma00 about the Grilled Cheese Aspiration:
"All they want to do is eat, make, serve, influence to eat/serve and talk about Grilled Cheese. The Lifetime want is to eat 200 Grilled Cheese. The fears are to burn, eat burnt/spoiled or get rejected for talk about Grilled Cheese. They can make Grilled Cheese 24/7 and don't need the required cooking points to make it, but without them they're still likely to burn it. The only Sims that will accept the Talk About action are other Grilled Cheese or extremely nice Sims. In the attraction system, it's not incompatible with any other Aspiration, but only really compatible with other Grilled Cheese Sims. However, you get an extra bonus boost in Attraction between 2 Grilled Cheese that you don't get from any other combination of Aspirations."
Some other details from the guide can also be found in Neil's recent post. You can view 2 pages from chapter 4 ("Atraction and Chemistry") of the guide on the guide info page as well. Visit our shop to buy the guide and support The Sims Zone with it.

New Cheats:
Also from the guide, but posted in a different BBS thread, are 11 new cheats that come with Nightlife, several of which seem to be targeting movie makers, to make their work easier. Okblondee7 posted them as follows:
  • familyFunds "family name" 5000 - 5,000 Simoleons will be added to the family funds.
  • unlockCareerRewards - Allows access to all career rewards
  • maxMotives - Sets all needs for all playable sims on the lot to full.
  • motiveDecay on/off - Turns natural need decay on or off.
  • aspirationPoints # - Permits for more expensive aspiration reward objects.
  • lockAspiration on/off - Freezes Aspiration point decay for all sims on the lot.
  • roofSlopeAngle (15-75) - In build mode, adjusts the slope angle on all roofs on a lot.
  • showHeadlines on/off - Makes invisible thought balloons. Useful for movie making.
  • aspirationLevel (0-5) - 0 Puts Sims at the lowest aspiration level, 5 in the platinum level.
  • agesimcheat on/off - Adds "Set Age" to the interaction menu. Any sim you click on can be set to any age group.
  • setLotLightingfile "filename" - Change lighting by choosing an alternative lighting file. The original can be found in C:\Program files\EA Games\The Sims 2 Nightlife\TSData\Res\Lights. To restore the lot bck to original lighting settings, input "setLotLightingFile clear".
Some people who already have the game have also started posting screenshots and movies on the internet. There are five new official screens which you can see below. For the rest follow the following links:
Nightlife Nightlife Nightlife Nightlife Nightlife

Third Expansion Pack: Business
Finally, there are some inserts in case of Nightlife, announcing the third expansion pack. As rumoured before, it will be about running a business and creating things. Some sites say the English name will be "Businesslife" but I haven't been able to confirm that yet. Translated from German, the announcement says the following (the actual text in English versions might differ, original on SimsZone DE):
"For the first times Sims can open up their own businesses. Build Shops, Restaurants, Nightclubs or work from home. Hire friendly employees and fire the miserable ones to please your customers.
The Dutch announcement text has also been posted by SP Zone, which is slightly different. Translated it reads the following:
"Your Sims will now be able to run their own business where they can sell home-made products over the internet, or deliver the goods downtown. Build your shop in such a way that you can use your skills and place your products in the way you want them to. Sell pictures, furniture, books, music, clothes, food, or run a restaurant or nightclub!"
Also see Raye8405 Photo Album again for what the German announcement looks like on the back of the manual.

Thanks to our affiliates SP Zone and SimsZone DE and also SnootySims for all the info.
Written at 04:46 on Sunday, 11 September 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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