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New Nightlife Trailer
A second official trailer of Nightlife has been released. As usual with such videos, they go through the most important features of the game. This trailer shows Sims getting ready for dates, and then having a good time. Of course there's a flaming sports car, followed by a romantic dinner (and they don't just eat the food). It also shows proposing during dinner. Next is, of course, some dancing, and the famous smustle is shown as well. Some of the key new objects, like the Electro Dance Sphere, the DJ table, the poker table, a karaoke machine and bowling alley are all shown in action, and you can see a kiss of (un)death from a vampire. Naturally you can also just watch the new social interactions that are shown. Head over to GameSpot's media page to view or download Official Trailer 2. Free registration of a basic account might be required.

Written at 23:29 on Thursday, 1 September 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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