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The official site has had several small updates. The first is a link to eVite Invitiations in Nightlife style. You can invite friends to a party with this, electronically. More cards can be sent from Warner Bros, which have put up a few Nightlife e-cards. There you can personalise a card with a message, character, background and even a tune, to send it to someone you know. More Nightlife news is that there's an official announcement of the expansion going gold (which was already mentioned in the latest chat and t-mail. The game is being pressed and packed, to be shipped September 13th. More can be read in an GameSpot article. The official release is the 15th.

Finally there's been a survey, which has now been closed. We've been told that this time it was about booster packs, of roughly $20 per pack, which contain about 125 items in a specific theme. They might be planning to release these halfway in between two expansion packs, considering the question about buying an expansion pack about 3-4 months after getting a booster pack. More details were posted on the survey details page at Snooty Sims. These packs were mentioned in an earlier survey already, so it's unsure but somewhat more likely now that these booster packs will be made. It's not official yet, but of course we'll keep you updated if there's any news about these packs.

Written at 02:01 on Thursday, 1 September 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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