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Sims 2 Mac Update
Yesterday Aspyr, creator of the Sims 2 on Mac, has posted a new developer journal entry at Inside Mac Games. This time it's all about the music in the game, which gets stuck in your head easily. Karen Halloran talks about Mark Mothersbaugh's music, and his band DEVO. Two screenshots are included, you can see them below.

Other than that, Aspyr has issued a press release in which it talks about features of Mac OS X Tiger, the latest release of Mac OS, that the Sims 2 will support. The game will make use of the improved OpenGL libraries, and the new .Mac services will also be supported. Families can be shared over the .Mac iDisk as well. The game is expected in June.

The Sims 2 @ Mac The Sims 2 @ Mac

Written at 22:40 on Saturday, 30 April 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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