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Nightlife T-Mail
Tim LeTourneau, producer of the Sims 2 expansion packs, has sent out another e-mail with an update on The Sims 2 Nightlife, the second expansion pack that's due this fall. This time he tells that the team is gearing up for E3, where the expansion will be shown to visitors. He also says how much the team thinks about the community when developing an expansion pack, implementing features that may not be in for a mainstream announcement, but that fans do want. For instance, there will be half-height walls, and new counter-island corners. Animated lights are "pretty amazing too", as you can rotate them and create different patterns. Besides that, the game will now allow diagonal and L-shaped pools without using cheats. All can be seen on the included screenshots, for which you'll have to click the thumbnails for larger versions. Read on for Tim's exact words.

TS2 Nightlife Screen TS2 Nightlife Screen

"Hey Everyone,

"Thought I should give you guys an update on things.

"The Sims 2 Nightlife production is in full swing and we are gearing up for E3. If any of you are going to be there, please come by and demand a demo from one of us.

"I know from the sites and the bbs that there is a lot excitement about The Sims 2 Nightlife, which is great. I think we are adding the community experience the fans have been looking for. The locations are really coming together, and I can't wait to see the places you're going to build and the stories you're going to tell when you get the pack.

"It's so gratifying to make expansions packs, because every day you get to see something new in the game, every new object, or social interaction, is something the whole team can get excited about and take pride in. I also want you all to know how much each member of the team thinks about you as we design and develop. This team is so committed to expanding The Sims 2 experience on the PC that things often just appear in the game because someone thought it would be cool and that you would like it. They want to make everything better. I've attached a couple screenshots that I took of things that I know you especially will appreciate; things that wouldn't necessarily be focused on in a mainstream announcement, but to the community are just as important as new locations and new gameplay.

"In the nightclub shot, check out the half-height walls and counter-island corners. Oh, the animated lights are pretty amazing too; the coolest thing is you can rotate them and create different patterns. I've spent a couple hours just experimenting with different arrangements. I also stopped in on the Smith's in Strangetown and redesigned their pool a bit. Perhaps it can serve as a signal to relatives that might be passing by at night.

"Anyway, just wanted to let you know we're all thinking about you."

"Take Care and I'll talk to you soon,"


Written at 15:22 on Thursday, 28 April 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 19:38 on Friday, 29 April 2005 by MATTHEW REID (pongo)
that is so cool! I want it but I have to wait for my bithday.
matthew reid

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