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GameSpot on TS2 Mobile
After the announcement games site GameSpot has had a first look at the Sims 2 on mobiles. It mentions some features, like the SimQ, a meter which shows how well you are doing in the game. You have to complete mini-goals to improve your SimQ. The game will be mobile-oriented, allowing short sessions of 3-5 minutes, rather than having to take hours to accomplish something. It will feature a complete Create-A-Sim mode, and it even allows you to import a character from the PC version by uploading a Sim to a special WAP site. Copying Sims over through SMS is another possibility, but you'll also be able to just get into your phone's phonebook at any time in the game, and send your friends short messages. Of course there is also some decoration to be done. The game will be released in three versions, a 64Kb one for lightweight phones, and two heavier 128Kb and 178Kb versions. The latter will feature a bigger and richer world. For more information see the preview. The two screenshots below are new as well (do click the thumbnails to see slightly larger versions in this case).

The Sims 2 Mobile The Sims 2 Mobile CAS

Written at 15:12 on Thursday, 28 April 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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