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Mac Developer Journals and Trailer
During the past few weeks, a developer of Aspyr working on the Sims 2 for Mac has posted developer jounals at Inside Mac Games. We already mentioned the first issue, but by now three more have been posted. In the second one Karen Halloran tells about the aspiration system and careers, whereas the third journal mentions music and trying to break the game. In the last issue, posted last friday, mentions doughnuts and a trailer. All in all, considering what we know of the PC game, there isn't too much information about the game. If you're into reading the articles, go to the developer journals page. Two screenshots that were included in the journals can be seen below. There are more photos in the journals themselves, but not of the game.

The mentioned trailer also seems to have been posted already, by Apple themselves. You can view the trailer over there.

The Sims 2 @ Mac The Sims 2 @ Mac

Written at 14:47 on Sunday, 24 April 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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