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The Sims 2 for Console Looked at
Yesterday there was an interview with Virginia McArthur about the Sims 2 on the GBA and DS. Today, GameSpot is continuing their coverage, by posting a new article about the Sims 2 on the big consoles - PlayStation 2, XBox and GameCube. In a video interview with producer Scott Amos, he talks about the aspiration and the new food systems in the console version of the game. It's also said that the game will feature a more rich Create-A-Sim mode than on the PC, with options to morph shape the face and body, but also to create new clothes by unlocking items, and combining them in the create-a-fashion mode. As for the food, you have 60 ingredients of which you can combine up to 4 at a time. These will create your own power ups, as the food will affect moods or other things. The aspiration you pick at the start determines a bit in which way the story will develop, though - quite like the Sims Bustin' Out - you can go in whatever order you like. As mentioned earlier as well, you can play the game with two players in split-screen mode, and so play the game side-by-side. Direct control works there too.

The game is set to be released in fall 2005, along with the handheld versions. Tomorrow GameSpot will cover the PSP edition of the game. For now, there are two new artworks and a sketch from the console version to be admired by clicking the thumbnails below. You can read GameSpot's preview or see the video for more details.

The Sims 2 Console Artwork The Sims 2 Console Artwork The Sims 2 Console Sketch

Written at 00:56 on Saturday, 23 April 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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