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First Look at The Sims 2 GBA/DS [Update]
Virginia McArthur, producer of the handheld versions of the Sims 2, has sat down with GameSpot and given a video interview which the gaming site has now posted. In it, some information regarding the GameBoy Advance (GBA) and Dual Screen (DS) versions is given. Both games will be set in Strangetown, although at different places there. The GBA version plays at the set of a TV show, where you have to complete 20 episodes. The player is the star of the show, and by fulfilling your needs and satisfying the aspiration (which can change in every episode) you can get high ratings from the Goths. If the rating is high enough, you can unlock new objects and episodes. The game is less linear than its predecessors as you can complete the levels in any order you like. You can also trade unlocked items with other players using GBA-GBA connectivity, so you don't have to uinlock everything yourself.

The DS version is very different, in that it's completely 3D and instead of at a TV show set, it's located in a two-room hotel. Your goal is to manage that hotel, and to make all visitors happy. There will also be three bosses refusing to leave the hotel, until they are completely satisfied. You are given a lot of freedom, and thus you can expand the hotel with new rooms including lounges and art galleries. Paintings for the art gallery can be played in the touch screen, whereas music that plays in the lounges can be recorded using the built-in microphone of the DS. You can also play that music in any other hotel room, and so drive your residents mad. As with the GBA versions, items can be traded.

Both titles will not be as linear as previous versions. There is an underlying storyline, but you're totally free as to whether you follow it, or just go out and socialise. Gamespot has promised some more information regarding the version for the big consoles for later this week. For now you can check out the preview, to which a video is attached. That video can be watched for free with a GameSpot Basic account. The screens below were also posted, one for the GBA and three (quite low quality ones) for the DS.

[Update 22 April, 22:40] As you can see below, the DS images have been reuploaded by Gamespot and now they're in good quality. We've replaced them here too. Thanks to Fabian for the tip.

The Sims 2 @ GBA
The Sims 2 @ NDS The Sims 2 @ NDS The Sims 2 @ NDS

Written at 14:20 on Thursday, 21 April 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 15:06 on Thursday, 21 April 2005 by XPDude (XPDude)
DS version sounds like "SimHotel" to me. Oh wait.. there are only 2 rooms. (lol)
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