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A little later than usual, this SimDay report. There are a few things on the official site since earlier this week. Of course there's the Nightlife Announcement and a link to the GameSpy interview. Other than that there are three things exclusive to the official site. The first is a new Nightlife theme for MySims Pages. To set yours to this new theme, go to the Modify Theme page. This is the ninth theme available for MySim pages, making them more and more varied. There are 4 new small artworks on those MySim pages from Nightlife. You can see them below.

Besides that, Maxis has opened a new BBS section. In the Challenges & Contests BBS you can discuss challenges like the Legacy Challenge, make up and showcase your own challenges or contests and more. And Maxis is already doing so, by holding another new contest. With the "Nightlife Styles" contest you can get your creation included in the expansion pack. Two outfits will win: one male and one female outfit. These will be included in the expansion, and the winners will win a pack signed by the Maxis team. These outfits must be created with the Body Shop, and you can submit up to three outfits. As usual you have to be at least 13 to enter, and you must live in the US or Canada. For more information see the contests page and the complete rules.

Written at 18:40 on Saturday, 9 April 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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