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Spore Info
The Game Developers Conference ended with a bang from Will Wright, creator of the Sims and SimCity. There's has been a lot of rumour about his new project, Spore (or SPORE), lately. It's a sim game that allows players to control life in every possible way - "from the Cellular level to the Galactic level." At first you start as a cellular life form, after which you grow to be a more advanced creature. After upgrading the creature's hut, you'll be playing a mini-SimCity, a simplified version of that famous game, in which you manage technology and interact with other cities in the world. Eventually you can even buy a UFO and explore the universe, travel between planets and even star systems. Those can be populated, conquered and observed.

The game will be based on custom content a lot, as the creatures and everything that develops will be based on algorithmic procedures, resulting in a lot of variation. So far real details of the new game aren't available, but it might be that this is the game that will be shown at the E3 this year. Of course we'll keep you updated with any information as we receive it. For now, check out this GameSpot article for more information. Thanks to TheSidDog for the link.

Written at 23:23 on Friday, 11 March 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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