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New University Screens and Artworks
Today is Valentine's day, and several official (European) sites have posted e-cards in Valentine-style online. Other than that, the Dutch site has also posted a Sims 2 screensaver (click the "Nu Downloaden" next to the screensaver image to download it). This screensaver updates itself with new screenshots of the game, and currently it's loaded with University screenshots. Of course they are romantic screenshots on Valentine's day. You can see them below.

Besides that, the screensaver comes with something extra to promote University: a small shockwave movie which shows some artworks. Those show what different students will be doing during their time at university. In order of the images as posted below, they say "Hanging on the phone with my friends all day long," "Playing Rock&Roll until I have blisters on my fingers," "Studying, and winning the Nobel Prize eventually," "Partying 'til I drop," "Discovering my own style," and "Uhhhhh..." The final artwork says Sims will be on campus from 10 March, and you decide what they do. Thanks to SimParool for the find. Click the thumbnails below to see large versions.

Screensaver Screen 1 Screensaver Screen 2 Screensaver Screen 3 Screensaver Screen 4 Screensaver Screen 5 Screensaver Screen 6 Screensaver Screen 7 Screensaver Screen 8

Screensaver Artwork 1 Screensaver Artwork 2 Screensaver Artwork 3 Screensaver Artwork 4 Screensaver Artwork 5 Screensaver Artwork 6 Screensaver Artwork 7

Written at 00:35 on Tuesday, 15 February 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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