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New utilities coming up!
Bil Simser, the famous Canadian who made BluePrint, has announced 6 new utilities that will be released soon. Those are: 'SimVentory', 'Shotgun', 'RugWeaver', 'SimBar', 'Jobby' and 'Cabins'. SimVentory will make html pages of your installed add-ons like objects, walls, etc. Shotgun will find conflicts and errors in your installed objects. RugWeaver allows you to make your own rugs, and SimBar is an Internet Explorer bar that gives you quick access to several sim sites. Jobby is a career editor and Cabins can convert CMX/SKN files to binaries and vice versa. It'll also check them for errors. For more (detailed) information, visit the BluePrint website.

Written at 23:04 on Monday, 25 February 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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