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The 9th Housemate - You Decide
Jerry's sudden departure has thrown the show into chaos. There were three people too closely tied to be a replacement housemate and the studios do not know who to bring in to replace him.

It is up to the viewers to decide which of these three to bring into the house.

Bill is allegedly the richest man in the world. He applied to be on Sim Brother because he wanted the experience of meeting "real people".
Darius is very famous on British television having appeared on two pop reality TV programmes. Not winning either, he had also applied to Sim Brother for the "experience" and to share his love with all the other housemates.
Will is a musician, TV and film star. He applied to Sim Brother for "something else to do".
It is your decision. Members of the Site can use "Comment" to this news item to let us know your views. Alternatively, anyone can email Sim Brother directly with the name of who you would like to see arrive in the house on Wednesday.
Written at 02:13 on Monday, 25 February 2002 by Andy.

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Written at 20:38 on Monday, 25 February 2002 by WTH (wanttakehave)
Darrius! Then I can vote him out coz his musik is real cheesy! hehe

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