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Merry Christmas
The time has come very close now; Christmas is close and so I want to wish everybody on behalf of the entire team of the Sims Zone a merry Christmas. Whether you're getting lots of presents or not, we hope your wishes will come true and you'll have a few great days. As EA has published four Sims 2 holiday screenshots, they are yours to be viewed now - just click the thumbnails below.

Also a quick note to say that I'll be away from Christmas until 10 January (that's a bit more than 2 weeks). During that period it may take longer for e-mails to be answered, if at all. Please be patient and I'll be back at the 10th.

Merry Christmas from ChEeTaH, Andy, Carrie, Matt, Neil, Starrats, Stash, Steve and Sumit!

Happy Holidays (1) Happy Holidays (2) Happy Holidays (3) Happy Holidays (4)

Written at 02:03 on Friday, 24 December 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 01:55 on Thursday, 30 December 2004 by elvendragon

woot! w00t! w007! \/\/007!!

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