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This week's SimDay is a fairly big one, with quite a bit about movies. First of all there's an interview with MaxoidPlumpBob. She (Kerie Kimbrell) is a movie director at Maxis. In the interview she gives some tips about creating your own movies. Read the interview to get the details. Along with this, Maxis has made it possible to rate the videos posted by members on their MySim pages.

There's a lot more about movies and the Sims 2 University inside...

There's also a new movie contest, all in the light of New Year. The "New Beginnings Contest" requires you to create a movie based on that theme. The grand prize: a digital Video Camera. You can only enter if you live in the 50 United states of America, or the District of Columbia, or Canada (but not Quebec). You must also be at least 13 years of age. Don't be afraid the Strangerhood guys will beat you though - they're not allowed to enter. See the contest page for more details. And I already just mentioned them: Rooster Teeth Productions has posted a new interim episode of Strangerhood episode. The characters wish you a merry Christmanuka. You can download the episode from the Strangerhood Archive, or from the official site's Strangerhood page.

Finally, Maxis has opened up an "Expansion" section on the official site. In this section you can now find information about the Sims 2 University. Along with a bunch of old ones, there are also two new screenshots. See the University section for all the details, or click the thumbnails below to see the entire screenshots.

A Hug Punks playing Pool

Written at 01:31 on Friday, 24 December 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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