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2004 News Overview & New Poll
With the year 2004 drawing to its end, it's time for a summary of the news of the past year. I've gone through our archives, and listed the most important news items. You can go through all of them month by month at the latest editorial.

Of every month, I've picked a news item that I though was the most important of that month. You can find links to these headlines in our current poll. In this poll, you can choose which headline you think is the most important Sims news item of 2004. Let us know, and the final results will be revealed in two weeks (that's right, this poll will run for 2 weeks instead of the usual week). Until then, they're hidden... Vote on the right or the latest poll page

If you want to check out the results of last week's poll, head to the results page. It was all about the HomeCrafter and its rumour that it would be released this week (and it did).

Written at 01:00 on Thursday, 23 December 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 01:59 on Thursday, 23 December 2004 by James Magenta (JamesMagenta)
Nice overview plus Merry Chirstmas to everyone.

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