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The Sims 2 Object!
Alrighty folks, here is my first Sims 2 object recolor. Its the shiny fridge in a wooden look. Much thanks to pinhead from www.modthesims2.com for making this possible. It workd great and I hope your sims will love it. And yes, this means more to come :) Check it all out here!

Edit: New Bed Sheets (works on all beds) Check it all out here!

Edit: The bed has been updated to look better. The old version is no longer available.

Written at 05:30 on Sunday, 19 December 2004 by Sumit.

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Written at 08:51 on Monday, 20 December 2004 by TheShadowFox
Good work, there. Yeah, they're doing some pretty interesting stuff over there, working on cracking code for editing meshes, but that could take some time. One of the Maxoids (believe it, trust me) hanging around on there- assisting unofficially- said Maxis is somewhat proud of the people there.

All the same, nice object recolors.

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