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SimDay: Christmas Spirit is Rising
This week's SimDay has a lot of Christmas in it. But first, there's a little bit about the official site. Maxis has added polls again, and the first one is about amounts of objects. It also reveals that the Sims 2 University will ship with 130 new objects for your Sims to use. The other - and last - non-christmas thing is a preview of the first expansion pack by IGN. However, we've already told you about that one earlier this week.

With the holidays nearing us soon, Maxis has posted a few new things for you to get. The first 3 are a set of wallpapers. The three can be downloaded in four different sizes each to match your desktop resolution. They can be found in the wallpapers area in Get Cool Stuff. One other thing Maxis has made to get us in the holiday spirit, is a christmas tree your Sims can buy. If you download the tree and install it in your game, your Sims will be able to celebrate christmas as well. You can of course include Starrats' Santa to get him in the game as well.

Written at 00:26 on Friday, 17 December 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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