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Sims 2 University Preview
A new preview of the Sims 2 University has been added to IGN recently. The preview describes the life of student Sims when they first enter the campus and later. A few new facts are mentioned. For example, the living in dorms is described a bit more in-depth. When your Sim is at dorms, redecorating completely or knocking down walls isn't possible. Your Sim can redecorate with some items and wall hangings, but that's all. Also, your Sim will live together with NPC sims. So while you play one, you're not able to control others though you can visit them in their dorms. If you're not in their room, the room will be faded out and you won't see what's going on in there. Something else new is that these NPC students can be sent into the regular neighborhood where you'll be able to control them. That way you can develop relationships further and allow Sims to age.

Your Sim will need to earn enough money and friends, fraternities and sororities will be unlocked. The Greek society might also invite you, or any other Sim they like, to join them, and if you become important enough you'll be able to have influence on what younger Sims have to do. That includes cleaning, doing homework or pulling pranks. There are also secret societies which allow you to do some more criminal things. However, if the police finds out, that won't be good.

Once your Sim has managed to graduate - which means they'll have to earn some money, make friends, and keep their grades high - 4 new career tracks will be available to them. IGN reveals two of them: the paranormal track has a career reward that allows you to revive dead Sims - but for a price, which has to be paid to the Grim Reaper. The other track that's discussed focuses on ecology. The reward for that one is a cow plant, that can eat Sims. If you feed it well enough (not necessarily with Sims), you'll be able to milk some Elixir of Life from the plant's udders. Finally, IGN mentions there will be some new gameplay outside University too, which consist of new objects but also some new wants which might take a lifetime but fulfil, but they're worth it.

Included in the article is one screenshot, as seen below. Click the thumbnail to see the big version. If you want to know more juicy details, including more descriptions of specific objects, check out the 2-page preview.

Sims 2 University Screenshot

Written at 21:21 on Tuesday, 14 December 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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