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SimDay - Strangerhood and Object
After releasing the patch and the Urbz as Sims 2 earlier this week, the site has again been updated. This time, it is SimDay again, and it brings two more things. The first thing is a new episode of the Strangerhood. This third episode is titled "We Have a Floater." It can be downloaded from Strangerhood's archive page or the official site's Strangerhood page. As usual it comes in three formats (two on the official site): QuickTime, DivX and Windows Media.

Furthermore, there's a new object made by Maxis for the Sims 2. With this object, a "Chanukah Menorah," your Jewish sims can celebrate Chanukah with this object. You can download it from the exchange.

Written at 22:19 on Thursday, 2 December 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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