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New Poll
You may have already seen it: a new poll was launched last night. This time it's all about the patch of the Sims 2. The options to vote for are on the right. Just pick your choice and hit the vote button, and it'll be counted. You can do the same on the latest poll page. Last week our poll was about the Sims 2 University, specifically if you like the information that's been released so far. Well over 50% said it'll rock by voting "Way to go Maxis!" Almost 25% wants to know more first, and about 11.5% told us it sounds nice. Hitting the small numbers, less than 7% will probably not buy it. 2% hated college themselves, and won't like their Sims going there either. Finally, the last 4% didn't know what the poll was about. In total 295 people voted. To see the exact results, check the results page.

Written at 20:47 on Thursday, 2 December 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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