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This week was no exception when it comes to the weekly SimDays. On the theme of the first expansion pack, University, Maxis has added a new style for your MySim pages. A sample can be found on MaxoidMonkey's page. If you'd like to change the style of your page, go to the manage page.

Furthermore, Maxis needs some people to attend in a focus group. During two hours and 15 minutes you will join a discussion about the Sims 2. The event will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you'll have to live nearby to qualify. You also need to own a copy of the Sims 2. See the related newspost for more information.

If you remember the horror movie contest, you might be excited to know the winners have been announced. Aprilsghoffmann won the contest, and Jhearing4848 and Baconandeggzie were runner-ups. You can view all three of them and two more honorable mentions on the contest page.

Finally there's a new article from Time.com. The Sims 2 has been named one of the coolest video games of 2004. See the Time.com article for more information.

Written at 17:41 on Friday, 26 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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