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Yesterday was Urbzday again, and as usual the past few weeks a new comic was added. This time it's done by R Stevens. Instead of visiting one of the districts of the console version of the game, he checks out a different place: Miniopolis, where the handheld game is set. If you'd like to know what the Bouncer is doing to Crystal there, check out the new comic.

There's also a new movie, showing off the fighting cage down at Central Station. If you want to see what's happening there, head over to the Flix section. It's available in both low and high resolution. Finally, after a few weeks' absence, there's a blog again. Scot Amos tells that the very rapid development (just 10 months) has paid off and they've launched the Urbz. A busy time is behind them, but pre-production on a new title for the consoles has already started:
"Now... we're in pre-production on THE NEXT game (which is WAY too early to talk about). That early startup time of analyzing what we want to keep from the Urbz, what we can build on, what great new ideas we can steal from Sims2, and what all new things we can throw in there to create a unique offspring from this new spin-off in the Sims universe."
Read the blog for more information.

Written at 17:26 on Friday, 26 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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