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The official site has been updated again this simday, for example with a new intro promoting the exchange and the Sims 2 instead of the Urbz. Real news however, is an interview with the guys behind the Strangerhood, Rooster Teeth Productions. GameSpy follows the colleagues of IGN who had an interview with Matt Hullum from Rooster Teeth a month ago. GameSpy talked to him, as well as Gustavo Sorola and Geoff Fink for this interview. It's 6 pages long and full of interesting (and less interesting) information:
"I refuse to recognize the difficulty to pronounce the word "machinima." I say let's work together and re-brand this type of movie making "rendervision." See? Doesn't that sound much better? Plus you don't have to constantly ask people if you're saying it properly. Rendervision... it just rolls off the tongue."
Read the entire interview if you need to know more. Furthermore, The Sims 2 got nominated for two video game awards at SpikeTV's Video Game Awards. The game has been nominated in the Best PC Game and Most Addictive Game categories. The awards will be hosted at 19 December by Snoop Dogg. You can see all the nominations and vote for your favourites at the VGA 2004 site.

Written at 00:41 on Friday, 19 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 04:13 on Friday, 19 November 2004 by Hayley (girlygirl09)
Is there any word about that new expansion pack name (besides from University)?


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