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This week's UrbzDay really comes with just a new Comic and descriptions of the pets. The latter can be found in the crew section, where you'll meet the bulldog, the cat and the monkey (consoles), or the chicken, some dogs, a lizzard and a pet dragon for the GBA. No descriptions for these guys, just pictures (and sketches) are to be viewed. The comic takes us to Skyline Beach this time. It's written by Jim Mahfood, and can be found through the Comix section along with the rest of them.

Finally, the official site now has the city guide that GameSpot posted earlier. Check it out on the city guide section of the official site to tour through the city. That's all from Maxis this week. We'll soon put up a review index as usual for this game, and we'll have our own review a bit later. Stay tuned for those.

Written at 00:22 on Friday, 19 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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