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This week's poll is all about the performance of the Sims 2 on your computer. How well does it run? Smoothly with all settings to the max, or doesn't it run at all? Vote on the right or the latest poll page. As for last week, we asked you what you are waiting for the most. The first expansion for the Sims 2 is by far the winner; it got almost 56% of the 332 votes. The patch is second with 16%, and a new computer to play the game got 13%. Then there's a difference of one vote in favour of The Urbz on the Consoles compared to nothing of the possible options at all, with approximately 7% of the votes. The handheld version of the Urbz and a console for the Urbz were both tied at 3 votes, which is almost 1%. All the results are on the results page.

Written at 12:43 on Thursday, 11 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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