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Urbz Update
The Urbz has hit the shelves in the US - at least several shops have started shipping it, but tomorrow it'll officially be released. Several sites have posted something about the game in the past few days, including a first review. That one comes from GameSpy. It gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, and a "don't bother" for the multiplayer aspect of the game. In general the game is pretty good according to GameSpy, if not a little bit easy. On the technical side, their comment is that the graphics are just "average," but the camera is worse, as it can regularly get stuck behind objects. In the end it's a good game for console gamers. Read the review for all the exact comments from GameSpy.

There are also 3 short previews of the game posted in the past few weeks. The longest is from GamerFeed, is generally positive and says it will be "just as addictive as the previous console and PC titles." InsidePulse is less wild about the game, but still positive. Finally, All Game Guide just mentions the main features without much of an opinion. But there's more...

Going on about the Console version of the game, Mike Perry, Lead Designer of the Urbz, has been interviewed by GameZone. It's mostly about the general game features: the districts, jobs, and other elements of the game. It's also a bit about romance:
"Every culture has its romantic side, even if it is a little... unusual, such as a punk romantic "bite", or a biker "suck face". But to unlock these social moves, you'll need to do well at your jobs. If you do well, the Job bosses will teach them to you!"
In the end it's all about rep. Read the interview completely to find out what else Mike has to tell.

Finally, there's a City Guide from GameSpot. This time it's for the handheld version of the game, and it visits Urbania, Sim Quarter and Glasstown. For each of them, the main places to go, the local characters, and possible homes ("Cribs") for your Urb. Of course they also tell what you can do in the three districts. For the exact details, check out the city guide.
Written at 22:17 on Tuesday, 9 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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