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Pedophilia possible in The Sims 2
A cheat (or hack, I don't know how exactly it works) makes it possible for children and teens to behave like adults, or vice versa. This means adults can end up screaming in a crib or being thrown in the air, but it would also be possible for young Sims to relax in the bed (or more) with older Sims.

The cheat was sent to JeroenZelle.nl, a Dutch site with a Sims 2 section. They were asked to publish the cheat but haven't done yet so far. Jeroen has said the cheat to make adults act like children will be published, but the other way around won't be. Harmless pictures of adults behaving like children can be seen in this overview. Dutch weblog GeenStijl has published 3 other pictures which should only be viewed by adults if anyone. They can be found through this post, which has links to the pictures (note: The Sims Zone is not responsible for the content of other sites linked to, including this one. The article doesn't show the pictures themselves but has links to them. You can view them, but doing so is at your own risk and is your own responsibility).

Maxis has already been told of the cheat and its possibilities and they've said the patch should fix this.

Written at 14:49 on Saturday, 6 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 00:47 on Sunday, 7 November 2004 by J. M. Pescado (Pescado)
Pssh. This isn't a cheat OR a bug, it's an effect of what happens if you change a sim's age category in SimPE, which means they behave like the age category they've been set to, but still LOOK like the age category they were before.

Pedophilia is an entirely different hack.

Written at 12:51 on Sunday, 7 November 2004 by AngelChild2kN4
It's disgusting, i know that teenagers behaving like adults is what happens in every day, but in the sims it will give ideas. I dont think that it should be allowed.

Written at 13:27 on Sunday, 7 November 2004 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
@Pescado: I was wondering if it was SimPE or not, didn't know it could already change the age category.

Anyway, it depends a bit on how you look at it I think. Though you might know and realise the Sim 'is' an adult, what the eye sees in the game is a child acting like an adult. That's pretty suggestive I guess. So this 'effect' does raise a moral question in a way, since it allows the game to do things which were blocked for an obvious reason. In the end it's the player who decides what happens though, and so it's their choice whether to use (and 'exploit' as you could call it) the hack or not.

As for the choice of words: I would say pedophilia in the Sims world is possible through this hack, considering what's shown visually... Several Dutch sites had posted it with those words, hence I decided to use that too.


Webmaster of this site
The Neighborhood Handler: http://www.thesimszone.co.uk/tnhh

Written at 16:54 on Sunday, 7 November 2004 by labby_2004
i dunno i mean if u dont wanna use the cheat then dont if u wanna ... .then use it i dont think they should take the cheat off becasue occasionally if sumone wanted to make a blooper video of something it would be kinda cool ... grandma tossed into da air ..

Written at 21:44 on Sunday, 7 November 2004 by Clare (Clarekat)
Thats just wrong and unnecessary. If younger kids play the sims and do that it's going to look terrible. Anyway those pictures couldn't happen cos no1 can get naked like that on the sims.
I love the Sims 2, I can't keep of off my pc!

Written at 17:28 on Tuesday, 9 November 2004 by Tiger
Edited at 17:29 on Tuesday, 9 November 2004 by Tiger
there are actually skins around which let sims get entirely nude. personally, i definately would not have my sims do this, not even if it was for a large reward. i also find it a tad inappropriate to post links to the three images on a website which is generally suitable for children, i know i would not do it myself.
all the best

Written at 17:47 on Tuesday, 9 November 2004 by Nicola (Loni-o)
Its all just a bit sick really. The thing that worries me is not so much that kids would want to do this or look at this (because generally they wouldn't) but it would make an interesting grooming tool. It would be good if somehow any one using it to make their sims do anything sick caused their sims to die horribly of something. (*has no idea if this would even be possible*)
**the world has turned and left me here**

Written at 03:01 on Wednesday, 10 November 2004 by J. M. Pescado (Pescado)
I don't think "younger kids that play" would be capable of operating SimPE. It's not exactly a user-friendly tool....and what kind of kid would actually *WANT* to create such a thing, anyway? I think any kid that would deliberately create such a thing is long past the point of being harmed by it.

Written at 09:48 on Wednesday, 10 November 2004 by Nicola (Loni-o)
no but someone could play the game with a child.
**the world has turned and left me here**

Written at 12:27 on Wednesday, 10 November 2004 by J. M. Pescado (Pescado)
And what kind of parent, exactly, is showing this stuff to their children unless they WANT their children to see it?

Written at 12:54 on Wednesday, 10 November 2004 by Nicola (Loni-o)
it doesn't have to be a parent....
duh. I'm just pointing out it is not necessarily a harmless let pervs look at it if they want thing ...
it could be used as a grooming tool to get a child use to the idea.
**the world has turned and left me here**

Written at 18:45 on Tuesday, 23 November 2004 by Daniel Carver (Macromarkt237)
anyone knows where to get the orginal "cheat" with all functions?

If anyone knows please let me know ... my Email is 13379807@web.de

Would love to see the code of that cheat ...

Thanks &

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