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Third Party Patch For Jumping Bug
This will interest those of you who are unfortunate enough to suffer from the infamous "Jumping Bug" in The Sims 2. You will be pleased to know that there is a beta third party patch for it!

For your reference, the jumping bug occurs when there are too many memories in the game. It's symptoms are that Sims become anti-social and refuse to do anything that involves another Sim (this includes using the telephone, the TV and the hot tub). When the sim tries to do any of these interactions, he, and often everyone else, will jump out of the interaction, and revert to a standing position with their action queues wiped. These symptoms will occur infrequently at first, and you may shrug them off as a glitch the first few times, but will grow increasingly frequent until they strike within seconds or less.

The patch is available for download from modthesims2.com. It is a BETA patch which means you use it at your own risk but there is a long list of successful "ex-Jumpers" who have followed up to the patch with success so your chances are pretty good.

Click here -> Download Patch. Full details contained within.

Written at 19:23 on Friday, 5 November 2004 by Neil.

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Written at 00:37 on Sunday, 7 November 2004 by J. M. Pescado (Pescado)
Bah. Everyone links to the one I posted there, none of the ones on the other mirrors, and we're getting hammered as a result.

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