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Urbz Strategy Guide Details
Some new details of the official strategy guide (by Prima) for the Urbz on both console and handheld have been revealed. It will be 192 pages, which cover all of the following:
  • The best tips for working and playing in all 9 districts
  • Must-have info for reputation and social interactions
  • Essential details on all socials, objects, needs, skills, and jobs
  • Covers two-player and freeplay modes
  • Special features and cheats for all platforms
  • Exposes secrets for Game Boy® Advance and Nintendo DS, plus minigame strategies
A preview of the book can also be downloaded in PDF format, from the book's details page at Prima's site. It already shows you 4 pages. Another German preview shows the cover, the credits and table of contents, and another 22 pages from the book itself. That can be found on the official german site. Of course you can already order the book from our strategy guide Shop, for just £8.36 or $10.49.

Written at 15:52 on Thursday, 4 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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