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New Poll
As you can see, we've put up another poll this week. We're wondering what Sims-related thing you're looking forward to the most right now. Whether it's the Urbz, or a patch or the first expansion for the Sims 2, or even a computer or console to play either of these games, let us know and vote on the right or the latest poll page. Last week we asked you what you hope to be like when you're old. 208 people voted, of which 48 (23%) won't get old, 36 don't know yet (17.5%), and 9 (4.5%) already are old. Living happily ever after being married with children is the most popular option of the 5 aspirations, with 47 votes (22.5%). Being rich and romantic were close with respectively 27 (13%) and 25 (12%) votes each. Growing old and wise is the wish of 11 people (5.5%), and finally becoming famous is what 5 people (2.5%) said they'll do. All the results can be found on the results page.

Written at 15:45 on Thursday, 4 November 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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