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Urbz Update & UrbzDay
An official note has arrived from Maxis on the official Urbz site: the game has gone gold. This is said in the weekly blog. The game has been in development since January 2004 and it's been crunch time for the team since May - but it's finished now, ready to be manufactured. It will hit the shelves at 9 November (US) or 12 November (Europe), and shortly after that you can expect a review of the game here. Furthermore, this Urbzday comes with the introduction of several new characters. You can find characters of Diamond Heights and Gasoline Row in the Crew section, where the Nerdies and Richies have joined the Handheld crew as well. Finally, the SouthSide Bridge comic, by Steve Rolston, has been posted. You can find more about those Comix in the Comix section of the official site. But there's a lot more...

There are also some screenshots and movies on the official German site. You can find new console screenshots, GBA screenshots, Console trailers and a GBA video. If after that you still haven't had enough, some GameCube movies have been added over at IGN GameCube. There are 9 movies in total to see there. You can stream (or download if you're insider) the videos from the media page.

Still, that's not all. Games site GameSpot has made an update to their City Guide. This time they cover Neon East, Southside Bridge and Diamond Heights. This part can be read on this page. For the city guide of 6 other districts, check out part 1. Of course this update comes with a huge batch of screens. You can find those in their Screenshot index. If you prefer the Handheld version of the game, you can also see some more new screenshots for that version on GameSpot's Urbz GBA screen index. Thanks to James for some of the links in this newspost.
Written at 16:52 on Thursday, 28 October 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 22:00 on Friday, 29 October 2004 by James Magenta (JamesMagenta)
Sorry to keep postin but I think this has not been mentiond.There is a video interview whit Scot Amos at this link. http://media.ps2.gamespy.com/media/677/677567/vids_1.html It was posted about 2 two weeks ago but I only just found it.I am still downloading it so I dont know if there is any new info in it.

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