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New Sims 2 Cheats
We've added a bunch of new cheats for the Sims 2 to our list. Some have appeared at other sites before, but most of them are completely new. The following cheats are new:
  • floatProp horzEdgeScrollrate [X]: Change the horizontal scrollrate (for edge-scrolling).
  • floatProp vertEdgeScrollrate [X]: Change the vertical scrollrate (for edge-scrolling).
  • boolProp carsOnRight [true|false]: Cars in the hood drive on the left or right.
  • boolProp ShowLotPackageFilename [true|false]: Show the filename of a lot in the neighborhood view.
  • intProp censorGridSize [X]: Change the amount of blocks in the censor grid, or turn it off.
  • boolProp simShadows [true|false]: Turn on/off shadows for Sims.
  • floatProp particleDensity [X]: Density (amount) of particles (e.g. damp above a plate with food).
  • floatProp particleScale [X]: Size of particles (e.g. damp above a plate with food).
  • boolprop nhoodWaterReflection [true|false]: Turn on/off water reflection in the neighborhood view.
  • boolprop chooseCameraSpecialEventEnabled [true|false]: Turn on/off special camera events.
  • boolprop simpleTerrain [true|false]: Set the detail of the terrain to simple or not. Simple graphics perform better, but look a bit worse.
All the other Sims 2 cheats, and more details for these cheats, can be found in our cheats list.

Written at 15:54 on Saturday, 23 October 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 22:08 on Saturday, 23 October 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
If intProp censorGridSize does what I think it does, then it's kind of ironic how people are looking for no-blur patches when the answer's been in the game all along. :)

Written at 22:56 on Saturday, 23 October 2004 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
I think it does what you think it does... actually I'm quite sure :-P


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