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Besides the announcement for The StrangerHood Episode 1, there's something new available at the official site. You can now edit your MySim page, and give it a Strangetown look. It's black, and features some characters from Strangetown. You can also still pick the (default) Sims 2 or an Urbz look for your MySim page. It applies only to your page, so while surfing through the MySim pages you might come across all three pages. To pick your favourite style, edit your account (you must be logged in on the official site).

Something else comes from the German official site. They've posted a new (English) video showing you 5 reasons to live - linked to the 5 aspirations of the Sims 2. That, and an older TV ad, can be found in their videos section. Click the "High" link next to "5 GrĂ¼nde zu leben" ("5 reasons to live") to see the new video.

Written at 01:38 on Friday, 22 October 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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