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Urbz Rating
More Urbz news this week: the rating for the game as been confirmed. The US ESRB rating for the GBA version ("E for Everyone") has been known since August. The new trailers show that the console game has been rated T for Teen (13+) by the ESRB. This is confirmed on the ESRB website, after a search for Urbz.

The European rating board for video games, PEGI hasn't posted the rating for the Urbz on their website yet. However, EA Europe has revealed the game will be rated 12+ for the console versions. This rating is confirmed through the European box shots displayed below. Remarkable on those box shots too is the little logo saying "Product of the Sims family," which isn't shown on the US boxes. The GBA version will be rated 3+ in Europe, which is shown on the Dutch pack shot at the bottom of this post. There's no UK box shot yet of the GBA version, although without a doubt it'll be similar to the US and Dutch box shots.

UK Box Shot Urbz PS2 UK Box Shot Urbz GameCube UK Box Shot Urbz X-Box Dutch Box Shot Urbz GBA

Written at 03:06 on Friday, 15 October 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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