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Urbz (DS) Videos & Previews
Besides the Console version, there is also the DS version of the Urbz. EA has once again announced the game for the DS two days ago (although it was already announced previously in July). But that's far from all that's new. IGN DS has posted a hands-on preview from Nintendo's Gamers Summit in Seattle. The main disappointment: it looks and feels like a port of the GBA version, and not too much more, despite the better technical capabilities of the DS that could make it look more like its brother on the Consoles. A similar hands-on preview, from the same place, is posted at GameSpot. They are more positive, and say the game on the DS is obviously more than the GBA version. Read their preview and compare. There has also been a presentation at the summit, which both sites recorded on video. IGN has posted it in 6 parts, available from the videos page. GameSpot has one big video on their media page so you can see the entire presentation in one go.

The Urbz on the DS is to be released 21 November in the US, simultaneously with the new DS platform itself. Europe and Australia will not get the DS until early 2005, so the Urbz will be released there later as well. The GBA version will be released at the same time as the consoles version (9 November in the US, 12 November around the world).

Written at 23:19 on Wednesday, 13 October 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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