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New Poll
It's here again: this week's new poll. We hope you will tell us where your Sims sleep - more specifically, on what floor (or perhaps outside). Vote on the right or the latest poll page. Last week, we asked you what kind of utility to create custom content with you'd like to see from Maxis first. Opinions were somewhat divided on that matter, though the winner is an object editor, with almost 40% of the votes. 21% of the 424 people who voted said Maxis should just release more content. That's closely followed by a HomeCrafter 2 (18.5%) and a tool to edit meshes of Sims (14%). People who want more tutorials and those who don't care about the Sims 2 are tied with 2.5% each. Some people don't just custom content anyway - they are with a grand total of less than 1.5% of the votes - just 6 in absolute figures. Want to see more absolute numbers, then check the results page.

Written at 02:00 on Thursday, 7 October 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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