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SimDay / The Sims 2 Update
It's been thursday, which means SimDay. The official site comes with a few things this week. First of all, there's the news that EA and Rooster Teeth Production, known for the RedvsBlue movies (made with the game Halo), have teamed up. Rooster Teeth will create an ongoing series of movies with the Sims 2, called "The StrangerHood". Using so-called Machinima, a method to use video-games to create high-quality movies, Rooster Teeth plans to release a new movie every 2 weeks. The characters are already introduced in the tune of the show, posted as Episode 0. You can view it, and find more information, at The StrangerHood. You can also read EA's press release about it, or see the character page at the official Sims 2 site. Further movie news, is that Maxis has posted a movie ending. After editing your Sims 2 movies, you can append this bit (which comes in 3 sizes) to show you made the video with the Sims 2. You can get them from Get Cool Stuff.

Finally: reviews. And lots of them. The official site mentioned CNN's article, which we mentioned earlier. But there's a lot more, here's the list (all are reviews): We've also made a review index, which currently lists 42 (!) reviews from gaming and news sites. As you're used to from our review indexes, you get a quote and the score from each site, along with a link to the full review. The index should help you make up your mind whether to buy the Sims 2 or not - if you haven't already done so.

Written at 03:52 on Friday, 1 October 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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