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UrbzDay - GBA Version Gone Gold
This week's Urbzday comes with good news for GBA owners: the GBA version of the game has gone gold. 9 Screenshots have been posted, but we already showed you them yesterday. The blog is about this as well, and also mentions the console version is on its way to beta, and confirms once again that Bustin' Out was the number one game for the GBA from EA. Other news is that there will be another "mobile phone version of The Sims," with which probably the N-Gage is meant. A PSP version of the Urbz is still unsure, although EA has announced their next step in mobile gaming, talking about the Sony PSP, Nintendo's DS, and Nokia's N-Gage.

Back to the Urbz, but now on the consoles, there are a few more character descriptions in the Crew section. All those characters are from the Central Station destrict, which is one of the 9 districts in the game. The Buzz section has also had an update with several links to articles about the collaboration of EA and the Black Eyed Peas. They're mostly news posts without much information, from the following sites: All the details can be found at the Urbz Website.

Written at 20:14 on Thursday, 2 September 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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