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Maxis Forbids SimAntics Editing
I recently found this on a website. This site used to contain a program called Script Station which allowed you to edit the SimAntics scripts.
SimAntics is the language used to program the objects in The Sims. It controled everything about the objects. The animations, sounds, motives (eg. Hunger) how the Sim interacted with the object.
The program Script Station allowed you to edit these, but recently on the website a news post was made by the creator.

Quote from iffedit.simprograms.com:
" SimAntics is a proprietary language created for The Sims by Electronic Arts. Electronics Arts doesnt license it for use outside the company. SimAntics is NOT public domain like C++ or BASIC.

I found your program to edit with it on your site. I am pretty sure we are not interested in licensing it out at this time. If you do not remove it I will have to report it to the Electronic Arts legal department."

This was from an e-mail recieved by the author of the program, from Maxis.

If you do have a copy of this program on your computer then the author of Script Station is not responsible for it, and it should not be used.

This information and Script Station can be found at http://iffedit.simprograms.com

Written at 14:31 on Wednesday, 13 February 2002 by Steve.

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