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Urbz comes to Nintendo DS
EA has just announced that The URBZ will come not only to the consoles and the GBA, but also on a third Nintendo platform: the Nintendo DS (Dual-Screen), a handheld console with two screens, which will be released on 29 November for about $200. Special features are wireless multiplay mode, touch-screen input, and some special features not available in any of the other versions of the game. There will be 24 objects, 5 mini-games, 7 characters and 8 pet species in the game. The pet species can be made using a special in-game 'gene manipulator.' That means you can create your own pet, besides just creating a Sim, for the first time. The story behind the game is as follows:
"Daddy Bigbucks is trying to take over the city of Miniopolis and keep Splicer Island a secret. It is up to you to uncover the truth by training your pet, increasing your reputation and keeping your crew on Splicer Island happy."
The gameplay will probably be similar to the GBA version of the game. Just like with the GBA version, Griptonite Games will be developing the game. The game will be released in November as well (like all other versions of the URBZ), under the EA Games brand. The precise release date is yet unknown, though since the platform won't be out until 29 November it's likely that the game will be released then as well. Once an exact date is known, we'll let you know. The URBZ is the first EA game that's announced for the new handheld platform, which was first shown to the public at the E3 2004. It's currently not known if the game will also make it to Sony's PSP (PlayStation Portable), though we'll of course let you know as soon as more information about that arrives. More information about the URBZ can be found at UrbzSims.com (which currently doesn't mention the DS version yet, but the 'Handheld' information probably applies). The press release can be read by clicking here.

Written at 16:27 on Thursday, 15 July 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 02:01 on Friday, 16 July 2004 by James Magenta (JamesMagenta)
If you go on to the urbz site and then go to crew pick a character and every few seconds the picture will change showing you what they look like on the console version and what they look like on the handheld version.Just in case your interested

Written at 00:04 on Monday, 19 July 2004 by Stash (SimStash)
JamesMagenta, actually ever few seconds the picture will change showing you what they look like on the console version and then to a consept drawing of the character; not what they look like on the handheld version. FYI: most characters are not found in both versions.

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