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Body Shop Not Today [Update 2]
Although it's appeared on the official Sims 2 site for a very short while, the Body Shop will not be available today. It's coming very soon though, definitely later this week. In a video interview with IGN (which I'm currently downloading, more about that later), Lucy Bradshaw said the Body Shop will be released as "early as the E3". The E3 starts tomorrow, so we may expect it then, although the actual Expo starts on the 12th. Here's a quote from MaxisKitty posted in the BBS at the official site concerning the matter:
"I know you all are excited for Body Shop, we are as well, but I don't want you guys hitting reload all day, taking off from work/school/chores or anything like that to no avail.

"So just a heads up, Body Shop is coming very soon, BUT not today. So hold your finger of the reload button just a wee bit longer if you can."
Note that once it is out, you have to hope you're able to download it right away too. It's going to be a big download, and many people will want to get it at the same time. The server could easily be taken down by that load. Only time will tell though.

[Update 11 May, 2:30] Another page has appeared with some information about the Showcase. Basically it are some instructions on how to use the exchange. Check it out right here. To upload your material, you need to register at EA.com. Oddly enough it says the Showcase is not really an exchange, but that it's "for uploading only". It looks like it's not possible to share your Sims this way.

[Update 11 May, 16:20] Snooty Sims reports that the webmaster of the official Swedish Website has said the Body shop is set to be released today (Tuesday). That means it'll be here in a few hours already. We'll keep you updated about the matter and report any news as soon as possible!

As said, it looks like Maxis has been testing a few things today. The site was even struggling to stay online for some time. The screenshots below shows the download page and exchange as it appeared for a while, with thanks to CherryIcee at the TSR Forums. The exchange shows, as you can see, a couple of test sims. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

The Body Shop has been released to a very small group of testers a while ago (not the (all) fansites as told during The Sims 2 University in November 2003). The public release is still waiting. The rumours which said 10 May were posted by PCZone in March. It looks like Maxis has tried to do so, but at the moment their time's spent on testing the exchange. That and the program will be available on this page sooner or later. Of course we'll keep you updated with the latest news.

Body Shop Download Page Sim Exchange Test (1) Sim Exchange Test (2)

Written at 01:00 on Tuesday, 11 May 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 02:36 on Tuesday, 11 May 2004 by chris (chris2)
Chris is from Bulgaria.

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