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Affiliate Shuffle
Work goes on, even during christmas, although less work is done than usual. Anyway: recently we dropped two affiliates, SimGateway and Big Brother of The Sims, because both sites are pretty much dead (the first one is still online, but not updated anymore, the other one didn't even show up anymore). We've looked for replacements to fill in the gaps, and found them. The first one is Sims Extremos, a site that focuses on news as well. That site is in Spanish, and partially in English. You might've noticed their link in the affiliates section for some time already. Besides that, we've also affiliated with WorldSims, a site with a lot of content, including news, downloads, forums and a chat. Make sure to pay both a visit, they're worth it.

Written at 23:19 on Thursday, 25 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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