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Sims 2 News
A lot of new screenshots of The Sims 2 have been posted today and yesterday. The first set of 5 comes from IGN. A couple of them show some hot action (nothing really explicit though), so be warned. They're all quite nice to see, and once again show the detail of the Sims. 4 others have been posted at TheSimsResource. You can also find the IGN ones there, but the 4 different ones all show some military action. Two show a guy being picked up for work by helicopter and truck, another shows a full bathroom, and the final one is some training going on. Click the site's links to see the shots for yourself. Finally, some articles. The first of the two is a preview at New Wave Gaming. It's probably not that interesting to most people, as it doesn't provide any new info. It also mentions mid-february as release date, but as none has ever been officially given, that shouldn't be considered official or even accurate. You can read the whole article yourself on this very page. More interesting is an interview with Lucy Bradshaw at Total Video Games. Here's a little quote from the article:
"Yes, this is a real leap from the original Sims in so many ways. Creating believable human characters in our Sims is a pretty huge undertaking. The better they look, the more fidelity players expect of their behaviour. By electing to give our Sims better looks, facial animations, and allowing the player to get closer to them, we needed to advance the AI significantly. And, yes, getting closer and having new animations has forced us to consider the boundaries that we want to maintain as well."
You can find that interview by clicking here. Enjoy all this new stuff!

Written at 22:59 on Tuesday, 23 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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